Healthy shopping
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Are you able to identify the healthiest products on your supermarket?

Do you waste time reading product’s nutritional labels?

We faced the same problems and that is why we created Núkula, an app that guides you through your shopping experience to create healthier baskets without wasting hours analysing each product.

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Compare and select

We arrange products from the healthiest choices to the less healthiest ones.

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Understand what you eat

Learn to distinguish healthy products from non-healthy ones

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Online shopping

- Create your basket
- Pay through the app
- Receive your delivery home

How we do it?

We read the nutritional labels and consider natural and/or less processed products as the healthiest ones. Unhealthy products contain:

Unnecessary additives

Refined flours and oils

Excess of salt and sugar


About us

Núkula was co-founded by a group of friends with a common goal. Improve people’s life through food.

Our philosophy consists in helping people adopt healthy habits progressively. That way changes will be for ever...

Let’s start!



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