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People’s interest on developing healthy eating habits is rising, however not everyone has the knowledge to identify the healthiest product in a grocery shop or know how to build a balanced diet. To satisfy this new need we created Nukula, an online grocery shopping application which includes a food recommendation software.

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Healthy Choice

Nukula's software transforms your shopping list by choosing the healthiest products available based on their ingredients.

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Balance your basket

Nukula helps you balance your diet by identifying products you should avoid and recommending products you should include in your basket.

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Recipes Ideas

It includes new healthy recipes made by experts, so you can add them into your basket and keep improving your eating habits.


We know that changing how we eat is not an easy thing, and we don't believe in magical diets which are not sustainable in time. That is why Nukula is a subscription program which guides you smoothly into a complete transformation of your eating habits.

We help you with your shopping list (we check labels for you!), recommend new products you should include in your diet, get rid of unhealthy products and discover new recipes and tips.

Information in the food industry is already too blurry, so we want you, the final users, to understand what you are eating, and have the power to decide what you take, based on knowledge.

Be aware that If you decide this is the change you were looking for and you try Nukula, the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle wont let you turn back.

Let’s start the journey!

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